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April 1994

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Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
M. Fethullah Gulen


Love is the most essential element in every being, and it is a most radiant light and a greatest power which can resist and overcome every force. Love elevates every soul which absorbs it, and makes i... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
V. Karsli

Precise Timing in a Microcontroller and in the Universe

The 80C196KC is a 16-bit micro controller of the MCS-96 family produced by INTEL. It operates at 16 MHz with high performance. It has the capability of registering architecture, so no accumulator is n... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
M. S. Ozcan

Patenting Plants and Animals

Should plants or animals altered by microbiological manipulation be patentable in the same way as, say, modifications of penicillin are. There has been strong opposition to the idea. The issue was di... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
Y. Yilmaz

The Language of Bees

In 1788, Pastor Earnest Spitzner witnessed an amazing fact: When a Carniolan honeybee finds a good supply of pollen, she returns to the hive and there she tells the other bees about it. Spitzner sugge... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
N. Delen

Optical Computers: A Dream or Reality?

The first functional optical processor was built at AT&T Bell laboratories with the hope that one day light would replace electricity in high speed parallel computers. WHY OPTICAL? Despite the ... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

A Commentary on the Contemporary World

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate Glory be to God whenever you reach evening and whenever you rise in the morning, and all praise is for Him in the heavens and on earth, and in the lat... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
Ali Unal

The Quranic Consept of History and Western Philosphies of History

I wonder whether it is a scepticism to see a political purpose behind some philosophies produced in the West during the last few centuries. Whether they might label me to be unscientific or a sceptic,... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
A. Bilir

Community Care, Values and Welfare State

A welfare state is a state that cares for its most needy citizens such as the elderly, the sick and disabled, children, the unemployed and single parents. The term ‘welfare state’ implies that the sta... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
A. A. Ahmed

Medicine of The Prophet

THE SEARCH FOR ALTERNATIVES I once asked an Austrian friend of mine who had just qualified as a doctor where he went when he was sick. The surprising answer was that he and most of his colleagues wen... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Questions For Today

Five prayers a day are compulsory in Islam. However, in the extreme Polar Regions a day or a night lasts six months each, in the sense that the sun is always visible or always invisible. So, how does ... read more..

Issue 6 (April - June 1994)
M. F. Yildirim

Time to Burn

Hikmet worked in a bakery. He was a meticulous worker and was concerned about earning honest living. Every evening, he was the last to leave the bakery. It was a large bakery, daily producing thousand... read more..

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