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January 2001

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Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Meaning of Life

Are all of life's hardships worth enduring? The answer depends on what our goal is in living. In fact, understanding life's purpose is a slow and absorbing process. We sense its mystery while reflecti... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Dr. S. Unlu

Synergy and Complementarity in the Universe

The far-reaching relationships between and among all living and non-living beings leaves one awestruck. Reflecting on these relationships, we see a ubiquitous manifestation of precise and timely provi... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Lucien F. Cosijns

Interreligious and Intercultural Dialog Guidelines

We believe the following: 1) Dialogue is only possible when we respect each other's individuality. Thus, knowledge of others in their cultural setting is essential. By recognizing and accepting socia... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Dr. Bedri Katipoglu

The Solution to Suicide

Why does humanity remain unhappy despite recent scientific and technological advances and the spread of modern services? Technology makes life easier, but human happiness and peace of mind have suffer... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Yasemin Acikel

The Battle for God

ABSTRACT: Armstrong explores the fundamentalist movements of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from the 1500s to the early 1990s. Not a day goes by without the media mentioning a fundamentalist attack... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

The Light of Belief and The Darkness of Unbelief

Surely We created humanity of the best pattern. Then We reduced humanity to the lowest of the low, except for those who believe and do good deeds. (95:4-5) In the following five points, we will e read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Zainab Goonay

Symmetry, Asymmetry, and Supersymmetry

Scientists have discovered that nature contains symmetry in such things as butterflies, snowflakes, and faces, as well as in its own laws. They also have discovered that at particular points, symmetry... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Rabia Savas


Autism is a complex developmental disability that affects some children either from birth or infancy, and leaves them unable to form normal social relationships or develop normal communication. It was... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Alphonse Dougan

Religion and Human Conflict

People disillusioned by false practices of faith, as well as the nonreligious, argue that religion brings only fear, misery, and bloodshed to humanity. This contradicts religion's very definition acco... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Salih Adem

A Criticism of St. Anselm: on God's Attributes

The Scriptures and Divine Revelation tell believers that God is All-Hearing and All-Seeing, that He hears and answers all prayers, hears His creatures' wishes and requests, sees our deeds, and sees wh... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Turkan Akman

Divine Love

Many love stories have been told throughout history. The strength of love enables one to fight deadly enemies, accomplish unbearable tasks, and unite with the beloved. They all have common points: two... read more..

Issue 33 (January - March 2001)
Hikmet Isik

What is the spirit, and how does it affect us?

Q: What is the spirit, and how does it affect us? A: There are many worlds, among them those of plants, animals, people, and jinn. Our visible, material world addresses itself to our senses, and is t... read more..

Issue 34 (April - June 2001)
Jay Willoughby

The Importance of Systems

Systems are integral to human life. We see so many in nature: cycles of birlh and death. seasonal changes, the food chain, evaporation and photosynthesis, and so on. Over time, as small groups of peop... read more..

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