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March 2015

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 21 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.
Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Suleyman Kultigin

The Artistry in the Oral Cavity

The oral cavity is one of the many systems that is perfectly designed while a fetus develops in a mother’s womb The first event that takes place inside the mother’s womb is the union of sperm and read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Esranur Aslan Topaloglu

Pre-marital Counseling for Prosperous Marriages

If young adults are educated before and throughout the marriage process, relationship deterioration can be prevented in the long run. Marriage is a common and significant life event that has seri read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Ihsan Kose

Planets With Two Stars

Our sun is a single star system, but using new technology, scientists are discovering double – and even triple! – star systems The planets of the sun revolve around a single star, just like the p read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Danielle Black

The Human Footprint on the Environment: Impacts and Solutions

Environmental destruction is wreaking havoc on treasured resources, like the Ganges River, but it’s also striking closer to home, in our local communities. The Ganges River flows majestically thr read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Hamza Mert

Insulin and Blood Sugar Balance

Our body is perfectly coordinated to regulate our blood sugar level. But when our insulin levels are artificially altered, serious diseases can occur. The human body needs energy. ATP (Adenosine read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Rachel Heffington

The Secret to Red Lipstick, and Other Correspondence

Far scarier than evil men … is the idea that, wonderful as my life has been, there might have been more, or less, or different. Rachel Heffington (From Rachel to herself: a letter to be read in seve read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Mustafa Ismet Uzun

Karl Marx, the Prophet of Materialism

Re-examining the philosophical roots of Marx’s famously flawed ideology If there is any thinker or philosopher who has been the most critical of religion, it is undoubtedly Karl Marx. The so-call read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Muhammed Cetin

Turkey’s Path to Democratization: Barriers, Actors, Outcomes

A rich cultural melting pot and a bridge between East and West, Turkey’s emerging democracy faces challenges and uncertainty in the years ahead. Positioned almost in the heart of one of the most read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Altruism (I'thar)

Altruism (i'thar), preferring others to oneself when doing a good deed, is, according to the moralists, giving precedence to the common interests of the community over one's own interests; according t... read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Emin Senoglu

How Is Vision Possible in Total Darkness?

How can animals in the wild hunt during the night as if it were day? A remarkable biological feature acts as a pair of “natural” night vision goggles. Animals can move and even hunt in the pitch- read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Alparslan Zora

Responsibility and Freedom: Analysis through On Liberty

Discussions over personal liberty and government intervention are as old as modern governments, as J.S. Mill’s writings show. John Stuart Mill was among the many philosophers, both before and aft read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Separation and Hopes

Again I remembered the days of separation, Years mixed with tears passed by.
 I shuddered and froze in my place; Friends had become reconciled with enemies.
 While the people swam in deep sleep, Value... read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Ihsan Kose

Is Freezing By Heating Possible?

Are cities the same as water? It’s possible to look at chemistry for new understandings of social dynamics. The universe is a field where existence is transformed from state to state. The transfo read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Mustafa Ismet Uzun

Religion and Social Change

he debate over religion’s role in social change has been raging for centuries. The interpretation and perception of even just a single social action is multi-layered, multi-faceted, complex, and read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Kemal Serce

The Veils of Existence

As science develops further, the “veils” of the universe are lifted and humanity can explore realms beyond which our senses would normally allow. We are conscious beings and we seek answers to ou read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Justin Pahl

"Hoop Dreaming"

Combining sports and education, and motivated by faith, Hassan Fofana is helping dreams come true for students in West Africa. I first met Hassan Fofana in 2006, at a friend’s house in Baltimore, read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
Jack Bunce

The Religious, Historical, and Cultural Development of Islamic Calligraphy

Islamic calligraphy isn’t just a gorgeous style of art, but a symbol for how rich and diverse the Islamic world truly is For all of the artistic forms the Islamic world has produced, calligraphy read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
The Fountain

Defraud and Corruption

Defraud is not just the act of usurping financial or material means that aren’t yours. Spiritual defraud exists, and it is also a major sin. Believers are strictly warned in the Qur’an to avoid d read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 104)

Plants Tricked Into Drought Tolerance Agrochemical control of plant water use via engineered abscisic acid receptorsPark et al. Nature, February 2015. A recent breakthrough study reported that scien... read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
The Fountain

Editorial: Hope is Not a Feeling ...

The Fountain participated in several international events in the first two months of 2015. The first one was in Abuja, Nigeria, for a conference titled “Love and Tolerance: Two Dynamics for Personal a... read more..

Issue 104 (March - April 2015)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Predicament of Ignorance

In a time of darkness and ignorance, we must challenge our preconceived notions, seeking answers in education and trust. It is another season of service. Our love-filled hearts are longing for Jo read more..

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