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March 2017

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Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Being on the Way: A Bouquet of Thoughts on the Path to the Divine

If these guides happen to be the experienced, knowledgeable, and conscientious masters of that field, then, without any hesitation, one should follow along on their path, for they always travel on the... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Amin Uighur

How to Overcome Bad Habits

Human feelings, thoughts, and behavior are a result of the complex and dynamic connections between our brain, ego, and soul. These connections are not just the source of feelings, thoughts, and behavi... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Hakan Yesilova

Dylan and Rumi: A Common Destiny Centuries Apart

Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature. Dylan is undoubtedly one of the most popular folk singers and composers, not just in the United States, but around the world. So, arguably many of his... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Abdulkadir Korucuk

Dad and Luna Park

Those were the days when we barely made ends meet. When we went to Luna Park, we watched other people as they rode bumper cars and the Ferris wheel. They laughed and had fun. We would not join them. M... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Masud Mahmud Bhaila

Tooth Development: The Remarkable Timing of Events, Molecular and Cellular Interactions

At around five weeks of development, two U-shaped areas of bands of cells form in the human embryo’s developing mouth. These primary epithelial bands form precisely in the positions of the future uppe... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Arif Eseroglu

Dieting While You Are Healthy

The first step in preventive medicine is to diet while you are healthy.  If you are already sick, the diet will prevent the sickness from getting worse; it will support the immune system and the medic... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Al Strong

A Theology of Dialogue

Hizmet (service, in Turkish) is a faith-inspired social movements with schools and cultural centers around the world. Hizmet’s ideological framework is based on humanism and Islamic sources, and manif... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Kadir Firtina

Giant Storms: A Mark of Magnificence in the Heavens

When taking a quick glance at the planets in our solar system you might be surprised to discover what rages beneath seemingly calm surfaces. Just as storms happen on Earth, the other planets are also ... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Ulan Dakeev

Cleaning the Earth with Wind

Home to seven billion people, Earth is one of the smallest planets in our solar system (its circumference is around 40 thousand kilometers at the equator) and its estimated age is about 4.5 billion ye... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Matt Alley

Building Knowledge Palaces

Human life begins with great energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. As soon as the baby enters this world, the action begins. She now is in a brand-new world, totally different from her home for nine mon... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Lawrence Brazier

Religion and Science as One

“On some evenings we would attend faculty parties,” she said. “It was a heady atmosphere, as we spent time with the world’s intellectual elite. There were scientists of all stripes, mathematicians and... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Ismail Tavaci

Nobody Can Be Religious for Another Person - I Had to Affirm That for Myself

Religion today is not perceived as it was in the past. This is true throughout the world, but particularly in the Western world. But despite changing views, religion continues to influence our individ... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
Sophia Pandya

Schoolgirls Kidnapped in Nigeria!

Introduction On the night of January 13, 2017, eight people were kidnapped at gun point in the Ogun State of Nigeria,[1] by masked members of a group calling itself “The Delta Militants.” Those kidna... read more..

Issue 116 (March - April 2017)
M. Fethullah Gulen

A Spirited and Active Life of Service

Question: What are the essentials to remain constantly spirited and active, both in our individual and social lives? Answer: Stagnancy or complacency must not have any room in a believer’s worldview.... read more..

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