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September 2022

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 13 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.
Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
The Fountain

Editorial: What Is Beneath?

How likely it is to be in a pub in one of remotest corners of the world and hear in an open mike session a poem on foundational questions about life from both scientific and philosophical perspectives... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Embodiments of Rectitude

There are some exemplary people who we may call “embodiments of rectitude.” These exceptional people look at life with a holistic view. They see things correctly, they think correctly, and they attach... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
Lisa Villarroel & Matthew Jager

A True Public Health Story

  “Nearly 1 in three public health employees say they are considering leaving their organization within the next year ... More than half of public health employees report at least one symptom of po... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
Sumeyra Tosun

The Qur’an Made Me a Scientist

I am a cognitive neuroscientist experimenting on human cognition while learning and using language. In short, I am a psycholinguist. I am also a religious person who believes and follows Islamic tradi... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
David Ozey

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

During one of my on-call shifts as a chaplain, I encountered an 18-year-old female patient who was brought into the hospital due to a suicide attempt. She was in distress. I introduced myself as chapl... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
Kathleen V. Tatem

Time Out (of This World)

Time Out (of This World) In This Article Time Out (of This World): The Physics of Time and How We Could Make Time Stand Still   Foundational questions, experimentalists, direction of time As the ... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Conversation and Communion (Sohba and Musahaba)

Sohba (Conversation) means making effective speeches to direct people to the Almighty, enlightening others with words and thoughts, using other’s good opinions of oneself to guide hearts to eternity, ... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
Bilal Sarimeseli

What Are You “Working” On?

A rare, rainy day for drought-stricken San Jose, California, ushered a lot of wet students into my room at lunch time. I like to call my room “Mr. B’s Restaurant” due to the diverse scents, flavors, a... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
Serdar Kilic

The Troubled Watermill - 2

(continued from the previous issue) I am The Troubled Watermill; My water flows, roaring and rumbling Thus has Allah commanded; For I’ve troubles, I groan Halfway through the poem, the watermill has read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
Hakan Oztunc

Mathematical Harmony in the Bird’s Body Structure

Sometimes I want to be a bird and fly.Sometimes I want to be a fish and swim.I don't know how to fly or swim.Right now?I'm counting again, and I'm picking up my years and splitting them up with my d read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
Jacob Hardy

Universal Language Translator

Imagine that one day, in your garden, you find an ancient coin. On this coin are written unknown characters. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to read these figures until the code is cracked by a specialis... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
The Fountain


“Pluralism” is a concept more pronounced in modern times than at any other time in history. Yet, it did exist in the past—maybe not as a word but as a reality of social existence, especially in the ea... read more..

Issue 149 (Sep - Oct 2022)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 149)

More Evidence that the Moon Came from the Earth Will et al. Indigenous noble gases in the Moon’s interior. Science Advances, Aug 2022. Humankind has always been fascinated with the Moon and studying... read more..

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