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Reflections on the Existence and Unity of the Creator
Apr 1, 1998

Beware, only in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest.

Only through recognizing their One Creator can all spirits and hearts be delivered from the distress and confusion arising from misguidance, and the spiritual pains arising from that distress. They can be saved by attributing all beings to a Maker of Unity and find rest in remembrance of One God. For, as is proved in the Twenty-Second Word (The Words 1, Said Nursi, lzmir, 1997) if all those innumerable creatures are not attributed to a single being, it becomes necessary to ascribe a single thing to numberless causes, and then to explain the existence of a single thing becomes as difficult as explaining all things. For if ascribed to God, innumerable things are attribute to a Single Being, and if they are not ascribed to Him, then it becomes necessary to attribute every single thing to numberless causes. Then a single fruit becomes as difficult as the universe. For, just as if a single soldier is put under the command of a hundred different officers, a hundred difficulties will arise, and if the commandment of a hundred soldiers is given to a single officer, they will be as easy to command as a single soldier, so too the coincidence of numerous different causes in the creation of a single thing is difficult to the hundredth degree. If, by contrast, the creation of numerous things is given to a single being, then it becomes easy to the hundredth degree. Therefore it is only belief in the Unity of the Creator and Knowledge of God which will deliver man from the endless distresses arising from the curiosity and desire to find the truth inherent in his (man’s) nature.

There are endless difficulties and pains in the way of unbelief and associating partners with God, so that that way is manifestly impossible and contains no truth. By contrast, in conformity with the ease of the creation of beings and their multiplicity and the subtle art they have, there is infinite ease in giving their existence and administration to One God only. That way is certainty necessary and the truth itself.

So 0 unfortunate people of misguidance! See how dark and distressing is the way of misguidance! What is it that makes you take it? Then, see how easy and pleasant is the way of belief and affirming Divine Unity! Take that way and be delivered!

As is declared in the verses, Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most High, Who has created and made well - proportioned and orderly; and Who has determined (the shape, life-span and nature of all things) and guided (them each towards its own way) (87. 1-3), all things, and especially living ones, have a form and well- measured proportions according to the functions they are to perform in the world, as though they emerged from a mould of wisdom. Each has been given distinct, definite, certain shape with curves and twists according to the benefits and uses expected of them. The changes, outward and inward, they undergo throughout their lives are again according to certain measures and purposes determined for their lives. All this shows clearly that those innumerable creatures, whose shapes and proportions have been planned in the sphere of determining of an All- Powerful One of Majesty, an All-Wise One of Perfection, and who have been given forms and bodies in the workshop of Divine Power, point to the absolute necessity of His existence and bear witness in endless tongues to His Unity the perfection of His Power.

Look at your own body and its members and ponder over the uses and benefits of the curves and twists in the shape of each, and see the perfection of the power embedded in perfect wisdom!